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Does nice work, on time, on budget! Thank you very much for your attention to detail as well.Chuck
Posted by: Chuck Overton
Duncan Marine did an excellent job reworking my existing old dock and turning it into a brand-new dock. Very professional in the way they hand selecting the wood to be used through final cleanup. I would recommend them to anyone. Fair and honest as the day is long!
Posted by: Anderso Taylor
Hiring Duncan Marine was the best decision we made. They repaired our dock and lift and other problems we were having. They go the extra mile. They have the best service and above all, are dependable. The staff is very professional and always gets the job done in a timely manner. In my opinion, Duncan Marine is the only contractor we found that delivers what he says. They deserve more than five stars. Very honest and knows what he is talking about. I highly recommend Duncan Marine.
Posted by: Lou Ann Brown
Professional work, timely, nice people took care of an unusual project helped in an emergency.
Posted by: Brenda

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