Dredging of channels, marinas and dock & pier locations is essential to their proper long-term functioning. At Duncan Marine Contractors, we’ve dredged areas in many of the waterways in the Greater Wilmington area. Our team is experienced with various dredge operations, and all local regulations.

Dredging is technically an excavation operation. It involves removing sediment from the bottom of a body of water to increase navigability, improve the safety of boat access, and widen the area of the channel. When a dredging service job is done, there is often a large amount of silt that is left over after the operation is completed. At Duncan Marine Contractors, our dredging services use a variety of methods for removing this leftover material. We will either work with you to find a beneficial use for it on your property or dispose of it at an off-site location.

Dredging can be a large and time-consuming project if you do not have a skilled marine construction company like Duncan Marine Contractors doing the job. Our dredging services make the dredging process easy on you, allowing you to make plans for what you want to do, while we handle the construction aspect of the project. We will work with you to make the vision you have for your property a reality with our safe and simple processes.

Customers throughout the Greater Wilmington area have used our dredging services to open their property up to a much fuller embrace of the local waterways. We've worked extensively with each customer, providing just the right dredge for their needs without causing them to run over their budget or spend too much time on the process.

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